Amazon Favorites for Pregnancy and Beyond

Amazon Favorites for Pregnancy and Beyond

Hi, friends!
I am working to curate some of my favorite and most used products that I’ve picked up on Amazon. I’ll continue to update this post as time goes on, so stay tuned for updates!

These links may be beauty related, baby related, Mama related and beyond. Hope you enjoy!

Links For Mama

I got so many compliments on this dress! I’m wearing the Light Coffee color in a size small, which was my pre-pregnancy size. It’s got lots of stretch and is super comfortable and lightweight (perfect for Summer!).

Women are rockstars. It’s amazing what our bodies do to prepare for pregnancy and to grow a life. So when someone asks you what you do, “Body Builder” should be your answer. This Body Builder Tee will be a staple throughout all of my pregnancies, I think!

This Hatch Belly Oil has been easily my most used pregnancy product. It’s super important to keep your skin moisturized especially in pregnancy. Putting this on every evening feels like therapy, so you’d better believe I don’t miss this step!

I drank a ton of water before getting pregnant, but especially during pregnancy have at least tried to drink one gallon a day. The gallon jug gets a little much to carry around, so this Hydro Flask is the perfect size, and made of safe sustainable materials.

These Bala Bands have been super helpful for prenatal barre and prenatal yoga workouts, as well as on nice long neighborhood walks. They add just enough weight to get your arms moving a little extra. Different colors and weights are available, but I went with these dark grey in the one pound size from Amazon.

Fitness has been important to me during pregnancy both for my mental & physical health. A healthy routine has changed my life in a lot of ways. Check out this blog for more on that!

So many people have loved this white body con dress that I wore on my 30th birthday trip! It fit really well in my pre-pregnancy size (small). When I wore it I was about 30 weeks pregnant. I’d probably recommend sizing up if you want to wear any later in your pregnancy than that.

Another great Amazon find for bumpin’ mamas. This is a ribbed sweater dress that is stretchy, comfy and flattering. I want to wear this every day. It fit great at 36 weeks pregnant. I’m wearing Grapefruit Red, but comes in other great colors.

This lace set was perfect for my Milk Bath photos. It comes in a lot of colors at a great price. I wore my pre-pregnancy size (small). It would also be great if you were considering an at home or water birth. This is what it looked like in my photos!

This tan teeshirt dress is comfortable and nursing friendly! It is pretty see-through though, so neutral underwear is needed and some may be uncomfortable with how thin the material is. I bought it to wear around the house while breastfeeding baby and it’s perfect for that use!

For Baby & Nursery from Amazon

We bought this ABC Nursery Rug almost immediately upon seeing it because, I mean, it’s just too cute to pass up. I think we’ll use this as our “milestone rug” where we can lay baby and track their growth!