Let’s celebrate!

Happy 2017! I’m a 25 year old from Frederick, MD living a life that hangs somewhere in the balance between sleep deprivation and French fry binges. I am excited by travel, a good outfit and anything that makes me laugh until my stomach hurts. I love happiness and long hugs, especially ones from my husband after he says those magic words, “let’s get pizza for dinner.”

I got inspired about style during an internship opportunity in Los Angeles, CA when I was 21. Suddenly fashion was all around me, from those working next to me, to those that passed me on the streets. The experiences that were engulfing me and the people that surrounded me inspired me to start a blog about that wonderful few months of my life. Now, as a working wife, local-food-lover and margarita maniac, I am excited to immerse myself in another blogging experience that will celebrate the beautiful life + style happening around me.

I love to celebrate; celebrations typically include champagne, the people you love, and laughter. Pop of Life hopes to celebrate every little moment. I hope to capture anything and everything that enriches my life, specifically life + style that I can’t live without. An outfit; a restaurant; a city… a collection of happy little moments worth celebrating.

[Author’s note: I bought this mug for a friend for Christmas, and liked it so much that I asked Santa for one of my own. Keep your head, heels & standards high – a great mantra for 2017.]


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