Hosting Girls Night: When Beauty, Wine & Friends Meet

Things I love:
Supporting a friend’s business & passions.
Getting together with girlfriends.
Getting together with girlfriends….. with wine & champagne.

So what happens when beauty products, wine, and friends meet?

When a friend approached me to host an event for a new line of beauty products she was representing, it was an easy sell for me. An intimate night with a few girlfriends, some yummy nibbles, lovely libations and beauty products for us to try out and experiment. The planning was simple; I would invite the girls, grab the goodies for food & drink, and Diana would come with her BeautyCounter products in tow.

What made this an even easier sell to my girlfriends was (well… the booze & nibbles always help!) that the BeautyCounter line is dedicated to safe, chemical-free products. So for this Girls Night, we focused on healthy, safe products for our skin and body… while we nourished those same bodies with healthy amounts of wine. Life’s all about balance, am I right?


*Authors Note: If you’d like more information about Diana and BeautyCounter (a company who recently did a collaboration in Target stores nationwide) check the products out here!

The ladies would have an opportunity to learn about BeautyCounter products while trying them out, laughing over libations, and sitting with friends.We tried out sugar scrubs, luscious lip gloss, tinted moisturizer and more! It was truly a beauty queen’s playground. While it’s easy to be wrapped up in the fun, it’s important to remember that when your friends, colleagues or neighbors are coming over for a visit – there’s definitely style in hosting a gig. Here are some of my favorite party procedures to make your event fun for all those in attendance:

  • Use items in your kitchen & home to find unique ways of showing off the highlight of your party. As this was a cosmetics party, Diana and I used wine glasses, champagne flutes and glass bowls to display the make up tools and brushes; it’s an easy way to make your party feel more ‘homey’ with an intimate touch. Items in your house are more handy than they may appear!
  • The right nibbles are key! For a 7 PM – 9 PM event, I knew my ladies would have already eaten dinner, so I didn’t need to make anything heavy. Don’t make the mistake of not having anything though, when girls get together we get giddy, giggly, and hungry! I chose some light cheese and crackers, with chocolate cookies, jelly beans and marshmallows! Colorful, light and the perfect little bite when you’re getting munchy after that second (or third) glass of wine. The delectable cheese and wine were from a local Downtown Frederick shop called Crisafulli’s, a favorite for us locals.
  • To go with the nibbles, the drinks are equally important! Since there was only going to be seven of us, I didn’t need to go crazy. A bottle of champs, a bottle of white and a bottle of red are what I chose to please my crowd. I had a juice prepped for those who wanted to mix & match (and there’s nothing wrong with grabbing the vodka out of the freezer if a girlfriend requests it – a good hostess always has a back up stash).
  • Have a small gift planned for each of your guests, either to present at the beginning or end of the evening. Remember when we were little and went to birthday parties for our friends and left with some sort of goodie bag? Along those lines. Tonight, I opted for personalized Patron miniatures for each of the ladies for spending their time with me on a Thursday evening. Because, Tequila is life. (It’s right up there with pizza and french fries).



So why did I love this hosting gig? I had friends in one room from all different walks of life: high school friends, college friends and work friends. We bonded over products that we love (because duh, make up), drank a few glasses of the good stuff, and even found something new that could make our beauty routines safer and cleaner. On top of all of that I had the opportunity to support a friend in a business that she truly values and cares about. It’s important that we value our friends’ passions; after all, this one led me straight to wonderfully fun girls night!

Tonight, I’m thankful for a couple of reasons: one-  to have friends to sit and catch up with, two – to have friends who make me pretty with new make up products, and three – for my beers & burgers to be traded in (if only for one night) for wine & cheese. See some more pictures from our evening below!

K Lo



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