#BossBabe Sarah: Connector-in-Chief

I’ve always been inspired by women who support other women. Perhaps now more than ever, we as women need to be raising each other up and empowering one another. I’m so thankful to have the kind of #BossBabes that I do in my life, so I wanted to take some time to appreciate those girlfriends that I am so grateful for. Especially those whom I’ve had the privilege of spending time with since moving to a new city almost a year ago. They are #BossBabes at their job. The are #BossBabes as humans, wives, and friends. They are the #BossBabes in my life.

So, in this first installment of #BossBabes, meet my friend Sarah.


I first met Sarah Williams-Scalise at a networking mixer while working as a Fashion Stylist in Charleston. The first thing I remember about her was a delightful, dry, sarcastic sense of humor – a dead giveaway that she was a ‘northerner’ like myself. “Yea, we get each other,” I thought to myself. Little did I know that this beautiful, undeniably intelligent human would become one of my closest, most cherished friends in my new home of Charleston, SC. I told her when we were taking these pictures that this shot embodies how I feel about her – I’ve been leaning on her since the day we met.

I truly believe that if Sarah and I were on a dating app, Tinder definitely would have matched us. (I definitely would have swiped right — have you seen her?!) I know this because of the continuous similarities I keep finding out about Sarah and myself. We both love a good spreadsheet (specifically when it’s travel related); we both love working with people – I call her my connector-in-chief, but more on that in just a little; and finally we both are married to handsome bearded men who like sports, breweries and the occasional whiskey drink. Sarah is that kind of person who can sit in a room with you chatting effortlessly, while putting in the genuine time and effort to care about you, your backstory, your goals.

Not only will she take time to get to know you, she’ll go a step further and think about who she can introduce you to, and how they would benefit your life. In fact, many of the #BossBabes who I’ll be featuring here are connections that Sarah is responsible for. Talk about a “what would I have done without her” moment…


Sarah said to me over a (delicious!) beer at Edmond’s Oast Brewing Co. that although it was never a necessity in a previous job to be out and about in the community utilizing her natural connection skills, she’s fallen happily and successfully into the role of connecting people at her current place of employment. As an Insurance Agent at Blueprint Insurance Group, she’s great at working with people, representing her business, while also giving back in so many ways to the community around her. She is the first to step up and help, the first to take charge in something she believes in, and the first to support you when you ask for help.

Sarah is involved with Creative Mornings as well as WeRise Charleston, and recently I got to see Sarah fiercely support our local Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in memory of her Mom. She rallied a team of wonderful friends, raised some serious cash, and without a doubt would have made her sweet Mom very proud. When you see someone who is strong and smart support a cause so fiercely, it is inspiring. The size of her heart matches her ability to get sh*t done, and she impresses me every day with her ability to care, and thoughtfully connect those around her. In fact, I think she needs business cards with the “connector-in-chief” title. In my last professional role, I was very involved with community organizations, and I’m so grateful to Sarah for helping me bridge that gap in my new community here.

Just about the only thing Sarah and I disagree on is our affinity for sour beer, and our football alliances. I’m the sour beer lover, and she’s sour about my love for the Patriots. (See below.)


Sarah inspired me to begin this #BossBabe series. She is a true friend, a true boss, a true babe. She is the best example of women supporting other women. She’s one of those people that if you don’t know her, you’ll wish you did. And I know I’m thankful that I do.

Big thanks to the beautiful & talented Keely Laughlin for these photos. (And yes, Keely is another bonus babe that I got out of Sarah’s friendship!) Here is Keely looking like the cutest photographer in the game: 


And some behind-the-scenes blogger/photographer/friend ‘inception’: 

Stay tuned for more #BossBabes!


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  1. Love this! Absolutley agree that Sarah is an incredible Networker and a Master Connector to many! Will be following BOTH of u. Cheers 2u and your success! Jen

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