4 Reasons My Holiday Spirit Comes Early

It’s often a topic of discussion that we can’t avoid: the matter of how early is too early for Christmas. Stores jump from displaying pumpkins to displaying Christmas Trees and our Facebook friends get annoyed thinking that Thanksgiving is being completely skipped over. (‘Tis the season to be jolly salty?) While I may agree that the commercialized side of the Christmas spirit can be overwhelming, the idea behind why this time of year is so wildly popular, I believe, has a very compassionate meaning behind it. (Despite what some of your friends, The Grinch and Grumpy Cat might think.)

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The holidays are a time for family and friends to gather. Everyone is a little nicer to one another. Clothing and food drives for the less fortunate are abundant because during this time of year, we’re thinking a little more about those around us rather than just ourselves. We spend loads of time finding just the right gift for those special people in our lives; we make plans to get together, to laugh, to share stories as the year draws nearer and nearer to a close. What I’m saying is, there are lots of reasons I deck my halls early this time of the year – and why I’m not ashamed to do so. Go ahead, call me Buddy the Elf, I can take it.


Christmas creates a magical nostalgia. As children we believed in Santa Claus and stayed awake until our little eyes forced themselves shut, wondering what he would bring. Do you remember the last time you had that much faith in something? And the moment you hear your favorite version of “Let It Snow,” or “Silent Night” your mind is flooded with memories. I’m the girl in my car (and in the office) who starts blaring Christmas music the first chance I get because those Christmas songs that I remember singing as a little girl remind me of family, of fun, of baking, of playing in the snow. And if you tell me that you don’t tap your foot when you hear “Run Run Rudolph,” then go back to your fairy tale, Pinocchio.

Every Christmas Eve, my family heads to my Aunt & Uncle’s home for dinner, (in the past, often sporting matching family vests).

Christmas means passing on traditions, and making new ones. Whether you’re a new wife or husband, or a new mom or dad, or are just celebrating new friendships – letting traditions, old or new, engulf you is one of the most exciting parts of the holidays. Whether that means an outing to cut down your Christmas tree, stringing popcorn, taking photos for the family Christmas card, or baking a favorite recipe, those traditions make this time of year special for any family. And I don’t care how early it is, I will never complain about seeing a photo of a cute baby (or a cute dog) in a Santa hat sitting next to a Christmas tree, or wrapped in Christmas lights. And YOU shouldn’t either, ya Grinch.

Help I'm Feeling
“Help me, I’m…. FEELING!”

[+++ Plus, why not spend more time doing other fun festive things in December?! Tbh, I’m a procrastinator so decorating in November helps when I’m scurrying around for last minute Christmas gifts! December is also full of holiday parties, you don’t want to have to worry about staying home because your house isn’t decorated yet.]

I guess my feelings are, it’s never too early to spread love and happiness. It’s never to early to tell your friends and family how important they are; it’s never too early to help those less fortunate around you; it’s never too early to make new memories and celebrate old traditions. So if putting up your tree in November makes you happy, then do it! And if singing at the top of your lungs to that Mariah Carey Christmas classic (you know the one) starting on October 31st makes you happy, then do it! And if going to Starbucks three times a week to drink your coffee out of this year’s holiday cup collection (guilty!) makes you happy, THEN. DO. IT!  Life is too short to not live in the moments that make us happy, and I personally think we could all use a little more positivity not just this time of year, but all year round.

And so, while I love the music, the trees, the Starbucks cups, and the twinkling lights, it’s the meaning behind those things – the love of one another and time spent together – that makes me want to deck my halls on November 1st.


So grab your eggnog and your jingle bells, because whether you’d like to begin celebrating on August 1st, November 1st, or December 1st this too-eager-overly-excited-about-Christmas girl will be there to celebrate with you no matter what time of year makes you happy. I’ll bring the Starbucks!

(Spreading Holiday) Cheers,

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