A Gift Guide For Every Friend On Your List

Every year, we spend so much time deciding on the perfect holiday gift for those closest to us. But when our friends don’t need another spa gift card and we can’t bring ourselves to resort to ‘homemade coupons,’ it can sometimes be hard to shop for them. So I’ve put together a gift guide of gifts for every kind of friend on your list; gifts so good, in fact, you may just want to keep them for yourself!

For your workout buddy:

After all, they are the real MVPs who get up with you at an ungodly hour, listen to your drama from the day before, and put up with your sweaty self. They deserve some lovin’. When you’ve worked out HARD, but you know you’re going to spend those calories on wine later, self affirmation is helpful for her.

“I Did My Best” Gym Bag 

gym bag

And who doesn’t want a chic water bottle that they can use for water at 6:00 AM, and booze at 8:00 PM? Dual function, ladies – it’s what it’s all about! Help your gym buddy get psyched over spikes.

Spiked Water Bottle 

spiked water bottle


That foodie friend of yours: (Aren’t we all?!)

Trust me when I say you’ll want these gifts for yourself. A combination of Star Wars and sushi, a combination of pizza and the beach – what more could anyone ask for?

Star Wars Chopsticks

(Seriously, can you even with these light sabers?)

star wars chop sticks

Pizza Beach Towel  

pizza beach towel

For your boozy bestie:

She’s fun, she’s wild and she’s always got the best cocktail recipes. Reward her with something for Christmas that’s right up her ally: something fun, and something that allows her to take her boozy ways on the go.

Carry on Cocktail Kit

carry on cocktail

Wine Condom (It’s always best to use protection.)

wine condom

Flexi-Wine Cups

flexi wine glass

For your friend who’s a little bit extra: (Re: Aren’t we all?!)

The perfect selfie, the perfect outfit, the perfect… well, everything. We’re all a little bit extra so let’s celebrate the friends in our lives who just ‘get us’ our extra tendencies.

Phone Photo Lens & Light 

Phone light

Marble Phone Case

marble phone case

Chevron Phone Case

phone case

For the teacher-friend in your life:

They work hard, they wipe snot from kids’ noses, they sing rhyming songs all day every day. If our teacher-friends don’t need something special in their lives, I don’t know who does.

French fries can make almost anyone’s day a little brighter, so why not remind them of a little treat right on their desk. This gift might even help them cope when their students borrow those bright yellow pencils and don’t give them back…

French Fries Pencil Pot 

french fries pencil

Stellar teachers don’t just need any stamp, they need a glamorous rotating stamp with insightful words and positive vibes. This Kate Spade rotating stamp is perfect for your bestie’s desk where she will be dropping some serious knowledge on our youth. (Careful: this item is low in stock, so order fast!)

Kate Spade Rotating Stamp

kate spade stamp

For your hostess with the mostest who’s all fun and games:

That friend who hosts the parties, the household that hosts those monthly get togethers, you’ll want to spoil them with something they can use during all of those game nights! Here are three great options, pair them with a six-pack or bottle of wine to finish off the gift!

Drunk Stoned or Stupid

drunk stoned stupid

What Do You Meme


Social Sabotage

social sabotage


Bonus: Order a few of these as great stuffing stockers for your entire list of friends! Champagne anything is perfect for the holidays!

Sugarfina Champagne Bears

Champagne bears

Happy Shopping!


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